• Massages For Back Pain.

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    Massage therapy is a great way to help improve and lessen any aches and pains you may have in your muscles. It can also help you to relax, and lessen anxiety and stress. If you are experiencing lower back pain, chronic back pain or any other form of back pain it is worth considering getting some massage therapy from a fully qualified masseuse who has been on a massage course. In this article, we will have a look at how massage can benefit back pain and what kinds of massage is available for this.

    So, how can massage benefit back pain?

    It will help to increase your circulation and blood flow. It will remove or lessen any aches and pains within your muscles. It will also ease anxiety and depression and give you more ‘feel good’ thoughts. Massage will help you to speed up the recovery process of your pain. Massage will also tell you and your therapist where the pain is occurring. Your motion ranges will also improve.

    What Types Of Massages Are Available For Back Pain?

    Neuromascular Therapy

    This particular therapy is where the therapist will use different levels of concentrated pressure. They will do this in an alternate manner on the affected muscle spasm. The pressure may cause a bit of pain but this will go away within a couple of days. This massage therapy will go for approximately six weeks over four sessions.

    Shiatsu Massage

    Shiatsu massage is a very popular technique. It will use a variety of different elements that neuromascular therapy uses.

    Massage Chairs.

    If you prefer not to have a hands on therapy, massage chairs are worth considering. These chairs use techniques much the same as Shiatsu and Swedish massages. These are great for people who may have pain in certain areas in the back or the neck.

    If you are experiencing back pain of any kind, before you go for a massage, always see your medical doctor first. They will be able to give you professional recommendations for your condition.

  • Understanding Pregnancy Massage

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    The due date for every pregnant woman marks the end of aches and discomforts felt during their prenatal journey. Luckily, for the women who underwent pregnancy massage also known as prenatal massage, the pains and aches were minimized. This article will discuss important details associated with prenatal massage.

    Benefits of pregnancy massage

    Swelling in pregnant women also known as edema is normal because their bodies are retaining more water. Therefore the excess water collects in the body tissues. Aches and discomforts during pregnancy are almost unavoidable because of the weight of the growing uterus that the body has to support. Prenatal massage only steps in to relieve them. Benefits of this massage include;• A reduction in the fluid collection by the tissues in the pelvic and the feet. It does this by stimulating soft tissues. Therefore, the fluid flows instead of collecting.• Releases tension in the muscles caused by weight gain, therefore reducing lower and joint pain.• Improves blood circulation, therefore, contributing to the well-being of both the mother and the fetus.

    Why is prenatal massage good for both the baby and the mother?

    The unborn child is always connected to the mother. What she takes in affects the child directly be it physical or psychological. Psychological here refers to the stress levels of the mother. As mentioned above, prenatal massage improves blood circulation. The effect of this to the unborn child is increased nutrient flow thereby promoting its growth and nourishment. When the mother is stressed, the unborn baby secretes cortisol, a stress hormone which doubles the heartbeat of the baby. This could be fatal if unresolved. The massage stimulates the secretion of endorphin hormone which acts as analgesics in the body. They eliminate pain and promote a positive feeling. This hormone is transferred to the baby too, reducing the baby’s cortisol levels. Both the mother and the baby are relaxed. Therefore, their well-being is promoted.

    When is it safe to have pregnancy massage?

    Prenatal massage can be administered once or twice a month in the second and the third trimesters. The massage is avoided in the first trimester and high-risk pregnancies. During these periods, the mother is always at risk of miscarriage. High-risk pregnancies may be caused by being underweight or overweight and other underlying physical conditions such as a small uterus. Always consult with your doctor to determine whether the massage is safe for you or not.

    What needs to be done differently to regular massage?

    Prenatal massage employs different techniques. Each method targets specific parts of the body. One technique may relieve swelling and the other technique may relief back pain. If you are massaged regularly, the therapist will change your lying position depending on the stage of the pregnancy. He or she will also avoid parts that may cause uterine contractions. What is done different, depends on the stage of the pregnancy.

  • About Me

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    So you have heard about people passing down their family business, keeping it in the family for generations and continuing to grow, progress, and develop along the way. Well that is pretty much how I got into massage therapy, since my father was a top masseuse, learning everything he knew from his father, so it is kind of a family thing.

    Anyway, I have no been fortunate enough to have any children in my life and I am looking to bring my massage days to an end but I did not want everything I have learned to go to waste, so I have decided that I am going to pass it on to everyone out there. So have a read and get involved in massage.